Embarrassments come in threes??

Day31 … Today started off fine. Up early to get sorted for the eurotunnel, about a 15 mile drive from our campsite. It was a lovely morning, misty, quiet and peaceful, everyone still asleep.

At about 5.30 am we could hear a dog constantly barking. Yap, yap, yap. Chris and I said to each other – listen to that daft noisy dog at this time in the morning, why don’t they shut it up. I looked out of the door window and couldn’t see anything. On it went for a good 5 minutes or more. Delpy was getting quite agitated with it all too. The next words out of our mouths were “where’s Whoopie”? We hadn’t opened the door yet so we checked in her bed, she wasn’t in the Bunnybus! Chris looked out again and could see a dog. “It looks just like Whoopie, Uh. It IS Whoopie” he said. I opened the door to find her barking at a rather irate Frenchman. What!!! How!!! Shamefaced I got her in, I couldn’t even apologise that we had no idea it was our dog waking the whole campsite. The only explanation we have is that we have a larger picture window in the back lounge with a pouffe in front of it. Whoopie likes to sit there and look out. I had opened it when we got up and there must have been just enough room for her to squeeze through and jump to the ground. What a little toe-rag. (Thank goodness it didn’t happen when we were out in the wilds somewhere, or near a road. Phew). We were mortified to say the least. She must have woken just about everyone up. The only thing we could do was get bundled up as quick as we could and make a run for it before we got lynched.

At least we got to the tunnel with plenty of time to spare. Got into the line for the automated check-in and it wouldn’t accept our booking reference. Pressed the help button and was asked whether we had been to the pet passport building to verify the dogs identities and passports. Of course, we had forgotten. Duh! So I had to get a special pass to allow us to go through then swing back out again. Off we went and got all that done. Back in the queue and got through fine this time.

Trains were running a bit late but all went well. Chris had an uneventful drive north, with a couple of doggy stops. Late afternoon we popped into a Bunnybus dealer near Newark to have a quick look at a particular German motorhome that only they sell. It was a very quick look as they were closing. I then offered to drive so Chris could have a break. Bear in mind that I have driven all over Scandanavia, on the ‘wrong’ side of the road, without any issues or problems whatsoever. Now I’m back on my home turf what did I do? Yes, went off up the road and round the corner on the right hand side of the road! Only one car got in my way luckily. Lol.

Home safe and sound after all that.

Total miles travelled… 5,710.

Over the next few days I will post a summary of our trip, any hints and tips I can think of which anyone considering travelling to Scandinavia in a motorhome/campervan may find useful.


11 thoughts on “Embarrassments come in threes??

  1. Well done Bunnybus.. I loved the dogs waking the camp site up.. I would not have been laughing so loud if it was me!! That has been a beautiful experience for all 4 of you. .. Bet you not looking forward to work after all that. Thanks for the info and pics Lotsa love cuz Helen

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    • It’s nice to be home, but then again it isn’t?! Would be ok if it wasn’t for work😕
      Yes. It’s all been fab. This is the life! Could more than happily travel like this for months at a time. We met people who lived full-time in their motorhomes and have sold their house. Not sure I’d like to go that far, love our little house but would just be great to use it as a base.
      ….. one day 👍😊

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      • Lots of wishful thinking after a trip like that. At least you are returning to nice weather. Work is unfortunately a fact of life .. AAAAAHHHHH Welll hugs Helen

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  2. Fantastic. Well done both. Glad all home safely.

    I am off to Spain on Monday ( tomorrow ) for one week. Julia xxx

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  3. We have loved following your travels, thank you for sharing them and we wait with bated breath for your next episodes XXXX


    • Thank you. I’ve enjoyed doing it. Learned a lot. Totally new to this sort of thing
      We are home now so that’s it for now I guess. Whenever we go full/ part timing I’ll start again. With something more comprehensive, aimed at moho folk more, rather than family😊
      Unless we have any more trips like this in the meantime x 🤞🤞


    • Thanks, I’m sure you will love it all. You have just reminded me that I was going to add a final summary ( aimed more at moho folk as this was primarily set up so family could follow our trip ).


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