Last full day on foreign soil.

Day 30 … Delpy lead me straight to the doggy park with lake, barked to be let in. Memory like an elephant! Then a nice potter about exploring while Chris did a bit of work.

Sorted the insurance out (the nominated mileage would have run out before we made it home). It was cheaper just to start a new policy than extend the original one and we got an extra 2000 miles for an extra £13. Goodness knows where we might go in the next 12 months?!

Then off to find somewhere for the night nearer to Calais. We didn’t fancy Cite Europe or some other glorified car park so we ended up at Camping Municipal de la Plage, Grand Fort Philippe. About 20 miles from the euro tunnel. Cost about €15 with electric included, might be useful for the aircon tonight? There was an aire (free camping) just outside the gates but it was full and again just a gravel car park. We had a lovely spot, grassy, quiet, somewhere for us and the pups to relax.

We had a Lidl’s shop on the way in so it was time for a lovely walk before nosh (we will doubtless be too tired after eating to go far)

Lots of doggy walks around so we headed for the beach. It’s strange in France, signs everywhere to keep dogs on a lead, which no one seems to take much notice of! The French seem to be happy to let their dogs poo wherever, and not clear up😳. Not used to that in the clean Scandinavian countries. Also it’s much more likely to struggle with English, unlike further north. It’s weird but the harder I try to use my schoolgirl French, the more likely it is that my German just comes out (my second language when I was a child). 2 languages ok. 3 languages, nightmare. Lol.

It was still very warm but with a refreshing breeze which helped a lot.

Gravelines nuclear power station in the distance!

Well ready for a big nosh up after all that sea air. We had a lovely barbecue which the pups enjoyed too, of course, thanks to Chris. The meat seemed to disappear rather quickly.

Up early in the morning for the final leg of our journey and the euro tunnel back to Blighty.


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