Dance me to the end of love🎶.

Day 29 … Gent.

Listening to Leonard Cohen as we end our day in Gent (or Ghent). As you can maybe tell I fell in love with this town in Belgium. Highly recommended.

The first thing we had to do this morning was sort out a Vet to complete the pet passports for UK return. My phone wouldn’t connect so we just walked along the road to one I had listed. They were great. Full exam and the wormers for both dogs. €43. Not too bad, especially since we hadn’t been able to make an appointment.

We moved a little closer to town so we could park up and walk in. There are are couple of free overnight parking areas within about 20-30 mins walk. (Yachtdreef). A good few vans here but still plenty of space.

Hot today, we had a lovely walk along the canal into the old town of Gent. We were a bit hungry so stopped at a cafe for lunch, a beer and a doggy rest. Then had a potter around the old town. Beautiful

Stacks of bikes everywhere. Canals. Trams. Scenic walks.

So many outdoor cafes and restaurants ideal for watching the world go by and people watch. Once the lunchtime crush subsided there was plenty of space for chilling and relaxing. Didn’t really know what to expect from Gent but it’s another place we will return to, and for longer next time. Only about 90 miles from Calais and a great place for a stop over or short break.

It was very hot for the puppies so we tried to give them plenty of shade and rests. We were all tired when we returned to the Bunnybus so we all had a kip.

When we awoke it was time for another walk. It was a bit cooler now, about 22 degrees at 8pm. Very near (within a couple of minutes) where we were parked was a proper designated dog run around area with its own lake just for the dogs. (imagine that in the UK!). So the pups, especially Delpy, were able to let off some steam.

We just didn’t have the energy for another walk back into town to find a restaurant so we had a Bunnybus prepared meal, a last walk and a chill-out music session, hence the Leonard Cohen. Then bed. Peaceful and quiet now. 💤


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