Expect the unexpected

Full on 2 days so here is the blog diary for days 27 and 28…..

Day 27 … I had previously been in touch through Facebook with Ruth ( of travel-cook-eat.com ) a lovely girlie from New Zealand who has been travelling Europe with her husband Alan in their motorhome for a year. We had hoped to meet up yesterday but it kind of didn’t happen. Anyway we were in contact again this morning and it turns out that they had spent the night just a few kilometres up the road from us (where we had stayed the previous two nights) so we arranged to pop to see them for a cuppa before continuing south.

That cuppa turned into a full on natter, into the afternoon and evening then onto wine and a scrumptious meal.

I believe the right people come into your life at the right time, you just have to recognise it. This was definitely one of those times, without doubt, for both of us. I think an acorn has been planted, it just now needs to be nurtured.

As an aside, we also had a go on one of their electric assisted bikes. What fun, had never tried one before. Great for us oldies, sooo easy. Lol. Might be another Bunnybus toy one day, if we can get Delpy used to the dog trailer.

I will also be investing in an Omnia stove top cooker (no electric needed). Our meal tonight was cooked in one and it was fab. Seems it can pretty much be used as an alternative to a oven

So. We stopped overnight of course and set off south the following morning instead.

Day 28 … We had spent the last few days chilling, not driving far, and having a relaxing time but we still had 3 full days before our return euro tunnel crossing. I fancied seeing Gent (Ghent) in Belgium en route to Calais. The weather had been overcast with a cool wind when we left Denmark but it quickly warmed up as we headed through Germany. Sunny and up to 30 degrees. As we drove on we decided just to keep going and hopefully get to Gent that day if we could.

Our longest driving day to date… just over 500 miles but the roads were good so we thought we might as well plod on.

We found a lovely little place to stop just on the outskirts of Gent. A reasonably sized visitors gravel car park in Liedermeerspark, Merelbeke. The park is lovely, there is a lake and wooded trails leading through to a marina and canal walks. About 3.5 miles from Gent centre so we may park closer tomorrow for our nose around.

3 vets nearby too so hopefully one of them will be able to complete the pet passports tomorrow.

We thought we would be on our own tonight but after dark we heard the sound of air brakes just behind us. Oh no… a lorry?!

Bless, it turned out to be a young couple in a big old truck converted into a camper. As I walked past tonight with the dogs they were outside cooking, surrounded by quite a number of containers with plants. They must travel with them inside and lay them out wherever they park up. Cute and homely. Think that’s another thing Chris hopes I don’t get inspired by. 😉


9 thoughts on “Expect the unexpected

  1. Wow what a good meeting with the Kiwi’s The stove thing sounded good so looked it up thinking it was one I knew about but no..a brand new addition to caravan/camping could be very useful! Enjoy rest of trip hope it stays warm for you all the way home. Hugs Helen

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  2. I get the feeling you may suddenly disappear into mobilehomeland 😀 and never come back. Are you sure they werent just a certain kimd of plant the campervan couple had lol 😉


  3. Great to see and hear you are having a great time, had a reminder from TomTom today informing me that the speed limit on french B roads have been reduced from 90k/ph to 80k/ph from the first of this month, take care.


      • A bit expensive to put bunny bus onboat!!
        There are lots of hire campers NZ and Oz
        OZ VERY EXPENSIVE Not sure NZ. Great licks Ghent looks lots like Holland hugs


  4. Weren’t actually thinking of doing the Bunnybus trip to NZ. Dogs would cost a fortune too. No, the thoughts were how we could free ourselves more time to do extended trips in Europe. X


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