Groundhog Day

Day 26 … There was a sight for sore eyes last night! A middle-aged guy in another motorhome pottered off down to the little beach. Nothing odd in that you might think? But…he was built like a cross between the pilsbury dough man and Big Daddy (for those of you who remember the wrestling on the tv at 4 pm on a Saturday). The best, or worst, bit was that he was only wearing the tiniest, and I mean teeny weeny, pair of black Speedos. I couldn’t even see them till he turned his back. Topped off by a cute little red backpack. Interesting. Lol. German of course, or is that being stereotypical?!

Back to the beach again today for tan topping up but the wind was stronger and a bit cooler today. Ok for walking about but not so good for lying around. Watched the coastguard helicopter doing some training and lots of kite surfers while having a nice potter and paddle with the pups.

Wouldn’t mind this?!

Back to Ballum camping where we stayed 3 nights ago. Canny there, looking forward to another extended shower. The Bunnybus was full of powdery sand so we had a good turf out, big improvement. Now another barbecue and big nosh to reward ourselves for….ermmm… whatever. Lol

The proud barbecue chef with his posh, plastic box, stand. Meat obviously not on yet as the pups aren’t interested.

Way too relaxed for someone who is supposed to be slaving over a hot barbecue.


3 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

  1. I do remember the wrestling on black and white TV !! Enjoy like the description of the gentleman I his beach attire ..that would have been a wonderfull sight.. Hugs Helen

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