Ditto. Lol

Day 25 … Didn’t get far today. We loved the beach at Rømø so had another full day there today. Same beach, different area.

It looks like we will be back again tomorrow, the chilling and the blast of sun is doing us the world of good. By the way Ultrasun factor 20 is great, all day in the sun and no burning.

Had a little visitor who made himself quite at home under our mat.

I was worried the dogs might squash him so Chris did the rescue and moved him to the dunes.

It was busier today, being a Sunday I suppose? But still loads of space to get away from the hordes. Most of those hordes seem to be German, by a long way. Don’t blame them. If this was on my doorstep I’d be here every weekend.

Saw an old German fire engine converted into a motorhome, brill, and also an Alpha Sunlight 710 which apparently is a Belgian made motorhome…. it had a terrace on the roof where two settees opened up for lounging and getting away from the rabble. Really want one 👍😊. I have a list of wants now. Lol. Seriously though, ours has been fab this trip so more than happy 😁😁😁

We were wondering why this beach is so great to drive onto? The sand is so fine, powdery and the land is so low lying. It must be permanently damp and just gets compressed almost like softish concrete. Indeed when you go through the few millimetres of dry sand, it’s cold and slightly moist, even in the heat of the day.

Have parked up tonight in the same spot as last night. Free, by the sea and quiet. Have just had a lovely evening doggy walk along the beach. Last night there were quite a few little flying black bugs here but tonight they seem to have gone elsewhere. Fingers crossed🤞.

View from our door tonight


One thought on “Ditto. Lol

  1. wonderful! and so glad you are finding time to chill xx btw, Germans come and go in hordes, like the Mongols of Genghis Khan, and only certain people i know personally hoard stuff. xx from your sister’s house of corrections (just ask Anthony!)


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