The best beach in the world … probably

At least for driving onto for the day!

Day 24 … Well. Didn’t go far today at all. About 5 miles from our campsite last night is the island of Rømø, reached by a causeway from the mainland. The whole west coast of the island is a massive beach accessible by vehicle and can be used for daytime parking so on we went. It is truly huge, goes for miles. By the time we got there in late morning there were so many cars, motorhomes and even caravans set up for the day. There was so much space though that it didn’t feel crowded at all.

The view as we drove onto the beach

Chris playing with a boys toy.

The sand was compacted hard like concrete but there were areas where it was soft and powdery so care was needed to pick the best route. Chris just put his foot down and went for it. It worked. Phew!

Further north on the beach it got quite sinky, we had a walk along there and the only motorhomes were 4x4s, German specialist off road vehicles or converted army vehicles… want one !! Lol

It was hot and sunny with quite a strong breeze coming off the land. Perfect.

It was a fabulous beach day.

Came off the beach by just going for it again, it worked. There is no free camping on the island so we checked out a couple of sites. Full to bursting. Wouldn’t have fancied that anyway. Drove back off the island and past where we stayed last night. A few miles down the road was a gravel track leading to a picnic area on the coast, overlooking Rømø. (Hojer. Skiffervej) Mud flats yes but a narrow sandy beach too. Nice place to stop. Two other motorhomes there and a small van but room enough for 10.

Had a tasty barbecue, walked the pups. Tired with all that fresh air. Fab.


3 thoughts on “The best beach in the world … probably

  1. Beautiful beaches – look idyllic. Loving the updates. I quite like reading travel books and this is great. In fact, I think you SHOULD write a book. I’ve read published trips with much less interesting info/reasons for the trip than yours.

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