Still in Denmark

Day 23 … We probably could have driven Denmark north to south in a day without any problem but it kind of holds us here.

Rather than using the motorway down the middle we drove the equivalent of our north east England single lane A1 down the west side, road 11. (a Belgian guy we met this morning said the east coast isn’t worth going to? by the way, he was 85 and still motorhoming and cycling). What a fab drive… wide, long straight stretches, few roundabouts, bypassing large towns, very little traffic. I guess I hit the only pothole in Denmark and it was teeny. There are cycle lanes everywhere, the verges are neat and trimmed, absolutely no litter. Diesel just over £1 litre. What’s not to like. The speed limit is max 50 mph but that’s fine, small price to pay.

Lots of places to stop for the Bunnybus but less places than Norway where you can dump and refill. We decided to find a campsite as I fancied a long shower for a change. We turned off the 11 and took a small western loop on the 419 to take us back by the sea (not that far from the border with Germany) where we found Ballum camping, Bredebro, 110dk (about £12). It was warm, 37 degrees at 8pm. Downside… a couple of clegs (horseflies), luckily I felt them bite and brushed them off immediately. I used the dogs natural tick repellant stuff after that and it seemed to work.

Note the washing…. I can be domesticated!

A thatched cottage, we saw quite a few

This was the beach?!! Mud flats really! The tide sooo far out.

Chris spotted the sea and even a ship to prove it.

We had thought about spending a couple or so days in Germany next but we bumped into a lovely German couple, married 6 weeks and have dropped everything to travel in their camper van for a year. They said if we like the quiet of Denmark then the German rivers are not the places to go, too packed and busy. We may have to rethink.

Denmark doesn’t have the dramatic scenery of Norway but we love it too. It’s been great travelling in friendly, clean, quiet, such laid back and sparsely populated countries. Ideal for anti-social types like us. Lol.


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