Miles of beaches

Day 22 … Packed up and headed a little south on the west coast of Denmark to find a beach for the puppies. Saw an Aldi en route and had a good shop. Fridge full to bursting. Prices much the same as the UK, so satisfying to get a basket full at a reasonable cost. They do fresh pastries and breads too, much like Lidl at home, but we don’t know what type of bread we bought, will find out tomorrow. The fruit pastry things with poppy seeds were lovely.

Denmark so far is fairly flat, just very low hills. There is a lot of agriculture. The villages are very neat and well cared for, many houses have little stalls or tables outside with local produce; fruits, jams etc with honesty boxes. There are some thatched cottages too. The roads so far are good, even the B roads

We are loving it.

The first place we tried was Blokhus which appeared to be a small holiday resort but unlike those in the UK again it was so smart, white houses, so clean and tidy. Restaurants, craft and arty shops all looked very inviting. Apparently you can park on the beach, overnight too, so we headed down there. Indeed everyone was parked on the compacted sand with the sea just a few yards away. Loved it but it was soooo heaving. Cars and motorhomes, even a couple of caravans left and right along the beach. I dare say it would have quietened down later in the day but it was just too busy.

Drove a few miles down the coast and found somewhere to camp just behind a beach (Slettestrand, Fjerritslev). Just 100 metres to a huge beach that just doesn’t stop. Up to now the whole west coast seem to be beach? What I can’t understand is that we are about opposite Aberdeen and the water is warm??

A sunny warm day but a bit windy. Had to be careful not to burn.

With a fridge full of nosh we had our first barbecue of our holiday. Stuffed ourselves so we are now sooo sleepy. Chris is asleep, puppies are asleep and I guess I soon will be.


3 thoughts on “Miles of beaches

    • Actually it’s fine, for me anyway. Chris is b******d. Lol. Naw, it is fine. Lots to see and we both drive as you know. I don’t seem to get tired driving 👍. Done a bit less this last couple of days as we are near home, at least it feels as if we are 😉. Having the most fab time though. 😁


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