What a difference a day makes🎵

Day 20 … Nice and pretty sunny this morning but still cool, maybe 14 degrees. Last night we had one damn mozzie inside but couldn’t find it. I put mosquito milk and skin so soft on before bed, thinking it’ll get Chris anyway. Poor sausage. Woke up with a lump right on the top of my head. Go figure! Must have scratched it so it went scabby. I then convinced myself it was a tick. Ugh.

We decided to have a bit of a clear out and tidy up. Our poor little bobil the bunnybus was starting to look like a dog kennel.

Headed south once more. It got sunnier and warmer. Lovely mountains and pretty villages, affluent ski centres. It got to 28 degrees as we were crossing a high plateau. Then 30 degrees. We stopped for an afternoon break near Lillehammer (Winter Olympics 1994) on a beautiful river so the pups could have a dip. 41 degrees!!

Apparently this area was the inspiration for Henrik Ibsen’s play ‘Peer Gynt’ for which Edvard Grieg wrote the music.

Yes the water really is green, and clear

On the way down to Lillehammer we passed a Sami (indigenous people of northern Scandanavia, they look quite Mongolian) shop. I had meant to call into one in north Norway but we always seemed to be past before I noticed it. This time I saw it in enough time so we called in for a nose at their handicrafts. Anyway we bought 2 beautiful reindeer skins.

It was a lovely drive, helped a lot by the weather.

Arrived at Larvik on the south Norway coast, south of Oslo, at about 9.30 pm. We had hoped to make it here today so we could just have a pottering and minimal driving day before our ferry at 5.30pm on Wednesday.

Cute small port. There is a bobilhavn here at about £15 for the night but as expected it was full by the time we arrived so we drove a couple of hundred yards past and found free bobil parking. We were the only ones there, and a view of the sea. It’ll do nicely.

It’s weird to see an almost dark night. Midnight moon instead of midnight sun


One thought on “What a difference a day makes🎵

  1. what a bunch of changes! now you feel like we do here: no rain still and 30C again today. Everything here seems to be wilting except for the roses who are having a blast. You find lovely places to overnight, and am, so enjoying your tales and pix thanks xx ‘Lillehammer’ was an excellent tv drama series as well … perhaps not as famous as Peer Gynt tho

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