Back to Denmark

Day 21 … Warm and hazy sunny morning about 23 degrees. Did a bit of chilling and then some construction traffic started. There are some posh flats overlooking the sea and it looks like they are building more. Not much relaxation possible with that around so we decamped and pottered round the coast about 4 miles till we found a quiet little marina. Parked up and took the doggies for a walk.

Ferry to Denmark was at 5.30 so we headed down there at about 4. Got into the queue and walked about outside on the grass for a while. Couldn’t believe how many cars, motorhomes and lorries were waiting. Guess it’s the best route to and from mainland Europe? How big was the ferry going to be??

Pups were fine left in the Bunnybus for the 3 3/4 hour journey over to Hirtshals in Denmark. We looked around the decks, the shops and had pizza and chips in one of the cafe/restaurants. Not too bad for Norwegian prices at about £15. It was a smooth crossing but we were tired and ready to find an overnight spot not too far away.

We use two apps. Campercontact and park4night. Tracked down what looked like a nice stop only about 15 miles away. Hjorring, Marup Kirkevej. Looking west right by the sea on top of cliffs. As we drove up we could see about 7 motorhomes already parked up but we managed to squeeze in at the end.

It’s lovely here with nice walks (downside.. have found 6 ticks on littl’un up to now, not attached just crawling about, ugghhh. A German a couple of vans down said he thought they only got them in Germany. We set him straight on that one. Lol)) and as you can see, a fab sunset view right from our Bunnybus.

As I write this I can hear the sea crashing at the bottom of the cliffs below us, what a great sound to go to sleep with. Have left the windows and skylights open to hear it all the better

Night night all. (20 mins past midnight)


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