A driving day

Day 19 … Still raining when we woke, a nasty little horizontal drizzle, so we made the decision to head south as far as we could to try to get better weather today. As I walked the pups it settled a bit but still wet. Bit of pricey shopping then drove to our last ferry. Again got there just as it was loading, 20 minutes and we were on our way again. Roads mostly dry by now, cloudy but fair.

Cut across to the main route through Norway, the E6. Its not a motorway or even a dual carriageway but you can trundle down at mostly 50-56 mph max, apparently speeding fines in Norway are the highest in Europe. Headed throughTrondheim where there were loads of roadworks but little traffic as it was early evening by then. 4 lots of toll cameras though and we pay the same as a lorry it appears as we are over 3.5 tons.

We did well today and covered just short of 300 miles. Found a nice little spot in a picnic area by Buvatnet lake just north of Berkak about 52 miles south of Trondheim.

No more sunny nights now. Back to a light twilight.

We decided to return to Denmark via a different route so we have booked a ferry direct from Larvik, just south of Oslo, to Hirtshals in northern Denmark. Not until Wednesday teatime so that gives us plenty of time to get there.


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