Holey mountain

Day 18 … Midnight was the first sunset we have seen for a while. It barely dipped below the horizon then it was on its way up again

It was a dry but cloudy morning then the drizzle came over but luckily passed quite quickly. Our 4th ferry soon followed, another 1 hour trip this time and a sparkly new ferry, only a year old.

The funniest thing. Yesterday when we had the one hour ferry we thought that there was an interim stop so didn’t take much notice when it docked, we were outside on deck and looked inside to see that everyone had gone. It was a mad race down to the car deck so we didn’t hold everyone up. Just made it. Today the opposite happened. There was an interim stop which we weren’t aware of and we had a wee panic as we were still up on deck only to find out we were okay.

About a 20 minute drive to our next ferry

An open topped one this time so no getting out.

The weather was okay and there was a landmark I wanted to see so we branched off the Fv17. Thought we would get a few bits and pieces of shopping but didn’t realise the shops aren’t open here on Sundays.

Got to Torghatten campsite, Brønnøysund about 2ish. Lovely spot down at the bottom of the island.

The reason I wanted to stop here was to have a look at Torghatten itself. A granite mountain with a natural hole right though it.

According to Norse Saga tradition the hole in Torghatten was made when Hestmannen the “horseman” was chasing Lekaya a beautiful girl. He realised he wasn’t going to catch her so released an arrow to kill her. The Troll King threw his hat into the arrows path to save her. The hat turned into the mountain with the hole through the middle.

It was a rocky climb up to the hole, but worth it. Lovely views and very atmospheric. We then had a walk round to the other side so the pups had a good run and a swim in the sea.

As at the North Cape when we had a fly-by from the Airforce. Today we had a sail-by from the Navy. I’m honoured. LolWe were out for a couple of hours or so and just made it back to the Bunnybus as the rain started again.

It still hasn’t stopped.


4 thoughts on “Holey mountain

  1. holy smokes; what a great legend! btw had a thought: are all these ferries expensive as well? or are they a part of the road network as little choice but to use them? Doggies must be having fun with all these new places and smells and tastes and swims… And hope the rain has eased off. We are SO HOT here; no rain since you left – guess you took it with you lol, and today was 30C and a nice sunset haha


    • Have loved it all, soooo much. Ancestral memory. Lol.
      The ferries were between about £25 and £60 each. This afternoon near Lillehammer it was 41 degrees!! Down on the south coast now. Ferry, another one, tomorrow to northern Denmark. Going back a slightly different way and now taking our time a bit. xx


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