Soggy to sunny

Day 17 … Thought we might get another view of the glacier this morning but it wasn’t to be. Raining and low cloud so no views at all sadly. We continued on down the coastal highway through constant rain until we got to our first ferry, only a 10 minute crossing.

The road was still a nice drive, every now and then we got glimpses of our potential views but then they disappeared again. We soon reached our second ferry, an hour this time, so we got out of the Bunnybus and went up into the ship. Small but smart with a little cafe. £8 for a ham and cheese bun!

We popped out onto the back deck as we passed the Arctic Circle once more

The Arctic Circle globe right in the middle of the photo

Set off south again until our 3rd ferry of the day. 25 minutes. Still raining.

By this time we realised we were just missing all the scenery so decided to find an overnight stop before ferry number 4, have some tea and hope the weather would improve.

We drove over what is known as a very picturesque bridge, Helgeland, but today it didn’t look it’s best

As we checked out a couple of spots the clouds started to break up and once we found a nice little parking place (Fylkesvei, Offersøya towards Tjotta Island) right at the tip of the island the sun began to appear.

There were 2 beaches to choose from so the pups had a lovely run and swim

The evening just continued to improve. Hope it bodes well for tomorrow

The view from our door, no one else around.


3 thoughts on “Soggy to sunny

  1. it is all fascinating and beautiful, even if raining..
    Reminds me of how when i first went to Vancouver, for 2 weeks I began to believe the tales of mountains were a myth to fool mugs like yours truly into going there, then one day the rain stopped, the thick low-slung clouds began to break up, the fog dissipated and there they were, the snow-capped wonders towering over Fraser Inlet and the North Shore…
    Not weather i could take for life, however…
    What a thing to have entered the arctic circle and see the sun never set…then set for a whole 5 mins..
    This is a wonderful way to travel, even if it is mega-driving…hope you four can take your time next time… xx


    • Oh. We are still having a great time x. The driving is fine, we have got used to it. Might tack a day out when we find some warm sun? xx


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