Rain stops play

Day 15 … Well, we had fully intended to go over to the Lofoten Islands today. The photos on the internet looked amazing but of course they were taken in bright sunshine. It was overcast and rainy this morning and the forecast was a bit rubbish. After much thought we decided to give them a miss. It’s still a long way to go, about another 150 miles on slow roads. Time wise we would be a bit pushed and wouldn’t be able to stay long. Would have still done it had the weather been fab but the spectacular views were likely to be disappointing.

To save for another time.

So we headed back south, but staying in Norway, hoping the rain might stop. It didn’t and the mountains just slipped in and out of the low cloud. The main road (the E6) is twisty and turny, up and down but is more pleasurable and interesting to drive than the long road of trees through Sweden. Even involving a ferry.

Later in the afternoon our sat nav showed an accident and road closure on our route, the only route frankly, with delays of hours so we thought we would have an early stop and a bit of a relax. Found a bobilplass (motorhome stop) in a village called Innhavet and parked up. It was right on a fjord and about £19 including EHU (electric hook up) and facilities. Spotlessly clean with well marked tarmac pitches each with its own grass area, albeit artificial. It’s a shame it was too cool to sit outside.

We are keeping our fingers crossed hoping for better weather tomorrow. If it’s awful we will just continue south till we find some sun. If it looks like it is improving then we intend to do a little detour and drive down the ‘coastal highway’ or Kystriksveien which is apparently one of the most scenic roads in the world.


2 thoughts on “Rain stops play

  1. unfortunately countries with mountains get a fair bit of rain. I am sur it will not put you off going again. Drive carefully . Lotsa hugs Cuz Helen

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