A day of surprises

Day 16 … Woke up to no rain. Clear with clouds but some sunshine. Cool but that’s fine by us. What a difference a day makes. Mountains in the distance we hadn’t seen last night.

So decision made to head down the E6 then branch off down road 17, the coastal highway.

Firstly we had to replenish our stocks and did a bit, and I mean a bit! of shopping. Prices are on average maybe double what they are in the UK. Some things way more than that eg bacon. But if you shop carefully, check prices and don’t necessarily expect to buy everything you would at home then it’s less of a shock. The best buy was a large punnet of locally grown strawberries at about £2. I have to say they were the tastiest strawberries we have ever had.

Once on the coastal highway, within a few miles and over a bridge was the Saltstraumen Maelstrom, the worlds most powerful tidal current. We had missed high tide by a couple of hours but it was still very impressive as we walked back over the bridge and had a birds eye view

Whoopie more interested in a bird colony!

We drove on through some lovely scenery never knowing what was going to be round the next corner or over the next mountain. There wasn’t much traffic, again mostly motorhomes really (or bobils re the Norwegian, a great word I think. Most bobil owners wave, a higher percentage than in the UK).. There were a lot of tunnels and I believe we will have, I think, 7 ferry crossings down this highway

Then the best thing ever..

We came over a hill, spotted a beautiful view and, of all things, a glacier. Just had to stop for a better look. Neither of us have seen a glacier before. This is a branch of the Svartisen glacier, the largest in north Norway and the 2nd largest in the country. We were in a tidy clean tourist information car park with large well kept grass areas and picnic tables. Another motorhome was parked there so we decided what an excellent place to spend the night with a glacier view to wake up to.

As I write this however it seems a storm is coming over. It’s getting windier, I can feel our Bunnybus rocking, and the rain is hammering down. Hope it blows over by tomorrow🤞


2 thoughts on “A day of surprises

  1. how lovely and amazing; altho glaciers are common as muck to me lol as I could see one from my bedroom window in Nelson (BC Canada) ! You are in the close embrace of the Jet Stream up there, so the weather will be madness. Part of the thrill but the Maelstrom was the best! My favourite!!

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