Midsummer eve snowballs

Day 14 … Now heading off towards the Lofoten Islands, an archipelago off the north west of Norway.

When we set off the weather was ok, dry but cloudy and a bit of a nippy wind. The landscape was lovely, changing round each corner. Higher mountains, fjords, lush and green. It’s a pretty good road along the top of Norway but 56 mph is the max, we mostly sat at 40-50.

It’s not that far to Narvik as the crow flies but the roads definitely didn’t follow that crow!!

En route I managed to get some snowballs towards the top of a mountain. Numb fingers. Lol

It then got really foggy. As we travelled back down the other side, the rain started. It was pretty heavy and spoiled our mountain views for some hours. The bonus was the many many waterfalls, which were raging. Kind of worth the rainFinally headed down our last mountain and could see Narvik in the distance, 2 large fuel tankers out in the fjord. We hadn’t realised that over 20% of Norway’s GDP comes from oil and that it’s Europe’s 2nd largest producer of oil after Russia.

The rain had stopped but the sky still looked a bit threatening. The Lofoten Islands were further than we thought so we found a quiet little marina north west of Narvik (Evenskjer). There are so many free places like this to stay, often with facilities to fill with water and empty the loo, generally near a little town or village with shops for supplies.

We are somewhere just left of the middle, only 3 other motorhomes here, still no Brits.

Still no wind and still no rain…. midnight. No sun either tonight, yet.


2 thoughts on “Midsummer eve snowballs

  1. What dramatic scenery! Silvery threads are those raging rivulets down the mountainsides; edge-of-the-world type scenery. I remember in documentaries of the folk up there, that they ate the most disgusting food sometimes…fish innards or whatever… have you eaten out yet lol?


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