Go west 🎶

Day 13 … Didn’t wake till 10 this morning! We must have needed it.

It was still a little chilly but bright so off we went out for a nice walk to blow the cobwebs away. The few clouds gradually disappeared leaving a beautiful sunny day and reasonably warm too. Got a few last photos then put the dogs back in the Bunnybus.

Even got a mini fly past by the Norwegian Airforce. I don’t know how they knew we were here?!

Off we went to do the touristy thing in the Nordkapp centre. Watched a film and gave in to the temptation to buy some visitor souvenirs/ tat. Lol. Not such a bad price really. Wanted a bumper sticker, they had some, so I can show off where I have been. Didn’t realise I could be so sucked in. Hehe.

Ooops. Not Chris?! Cute too though

Even sunnier when we came out

Time to head off. South back to Alta then west

Hope this isn’t too delicate a subject but we saw a reindeer doing a poo

Well… I realised that reindeer poo is similar to sheep poo. In a previous blog post while at Storforsen rapids in Sweden I posted a photo of what I thought were reindeer poos….. not!! It turns out they were moose poos. Doubt I’ll ever see another moose poo soon, not in Whitley Bay anyway!

Went back through Alta and called back in to Kafjord to see how Ruby, Bob and Tom were doing. Then headed west.

Found a lovely little overnight spot by the water at Burfjord and settled in


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