Day 12 … Am writing this a day late, was too tired last night after sun spotting!

Another sunny and very warm morning. We stayed in Lathari for a while so I had a sit outside and had a wee sunbathe while Chris caught up on some work. After the last couple of days I don’t think either of us wanted to shoot off at first light, not that there is a first light!

Our overnight spot, on Altafjord. We are the little white speck on the left.

We had to follow our ‘sign’ from last night so in the afternoon off we went on the road to the North Cape

It was a great drive but took us nearer to 4 and a half hours. We went over quite a desolate plateau where apparently last year at this time it was snowing, as it was a little last week! For us though it was 18 degrees, still some patches of snow around however.

We then dropped down to the sea and much of the rest of the way was weaving along a very nice coastal road. Stopped off at a silversmiths and bought a cute little pewter reindeer as my first souvenir

It was a lovely drive with some great views and quite a few tunnels. One of which was 4 miles long, under the sea to the island where the North Cape is situated.

It was about £50 for the two of us and the Bunnybus to park overnight. It would be about £25 each just to get in anyway so that’s ok.

It was sooo busy. Loads of motorhomes, maybe about 50 or 60? Possibly more? No Brits though. We are a rare breed up here. Plenty of room to park. There were also about 15 large coaches too, cruise ship trips apparently.

We got the dogs leads on and went straight out. Over to our right the sky was black and the wind was getting up, heavy rain on the way. We got a couple of quick photos then it started

And boy did it come down! We shot off for our tea, a nice chilli. Yum. Still raining, we though it might be in for the night? We were both tired and thought that maybe there would be no chance of midnight sun tonight, so we decided to have a nap and hope for the best later.

We woke after midnight to discover that the Sun Goddess had broken though the clouds. Off we went again. It was still very busy but we managed to get some canny photos and have a doggy walk over land that seems more like tundra.

Mission accomplished. Midnight sun on the most northern part of Europe.


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