Day 11 … Today was an emotional but utterly perfect day. The final farewell to Ruby and Bob and closure for them, all their family and Tom.

Obviously I won’t be sharing such personal pictures of what is such a private time.

Suffice to say the day couldn’t have gone any better. Beautiful weather and scenery. All the plans made yesterday and in the previous weeks and months went off so well, so much better than Chris and I could have wished. Ruby and Bob were joined again with Tom in a stunning part of the world. A remarkable place to begin their dance in the sun together.

Their very own midnight sun.


And after all that, there in front of the Bunnybus in Latharimoen nature park tonight is an arrow formed by the reflected sunlight through a gap in the opposite mountains. Pointing to the north. So.. I guess we have had our sign. It’s off to Nordkapp ( the most northerly point of Europe) tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. Well done! What a fabulous trip you have had and it is good to know you were welcomed with respect and kindness. Thanks for sharing your journey and enjoy the remainder of your trip……hopefully without the pestering mozzies!x😎🍷


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