9 countries in 9 days

Day 9 … Couldn’t post my blog at the end of day 9. No phone or internet connection as we were out in the wilds. So I wrote this intending to publish it with accompanying photos when we reach civilisation.

Stopped at 57 miles south of Alta, our primary destination.

We just decided to drive on today. It was mostly raining, often torrential. So time was best spent cracking on. Some of the roads were not great in patches. Miles of rough gravel, waiting to get resurfaced.

We got to the top of Sweden then crossed over a river into Finland. Had a wee stop just at the bridge for a very late lunch and a doggy walk, in a gap between the showers and a fleeting glimpse of the sun. Chris saw some new toys!

Not all that far then over another border into the Finmark region of Norway.

Including the UK that’s 9 countries hence the title of this blog post.

The trees were becoming more sparse and stunted, mostly silver birch now, few pines. Instead of signs for bicycles or pedestrians only, there were signs for skidoos. Places offering husky treks by the side of the road. The only dogs we saw were sled dogs of one sort or another.

Thought we would get up to within striking distance of Alta, leaving an easier shorter drive the next day.

Didn’t fancy spending the night in a lay by even though the road isn’t busy at all. Spotted a little turnoff down a gravel track (after all the gravelly stuff today it wasn’t an issue). It lead us down to part of an old road and a large open area by a river. Ideal. Quiet. No one around. Out of sight of the road. Great place for the puppies to run around. Decided it was a fab place to stop. Poor Chris, still having issues with his mozzie lady admirers, examining every floating speck in the Bunnybus for wings.

The weather has drastically improved, warm and sunny with a slight breeze. From 13 degrees for most of the day to 26 degrees at 11pm. Mad!! Bright sunshine, it really plays havoc with your body clock. Should be getting ready for bed but it feels more like tea time, not sleepy at all.


3 thoughts on “9 countries in 9 days

  1. Loving your blog – I visited Norway for four weeks in July 2000, spending most of it about the Arctic circle. Loved Alta – fascinating museum and the Neolithic (?) paintings. Went to Nordkap at midnight to watch the midnight sun – most amazing experience. We then took the ferry from the very north west of Norway to the Lofoten Islands. We were camping rather than in a van

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    • Thank you. Will still be in Alta tomorrow then hoping to go up to the North Cape then along the top to the Lofoten islands. We will just have to see how the time goes. Don’t really want to drive back down all the way through Sweden. Had enough of trees for a while. Lol

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  2. so glad you are sharing this journey in a blog – it is fascinating: a whole world out there about which i knew so very little. And 9 countries in 9 days … some kind of record-setting for our family! Sivan and her boys are landed in UK earlier this evening and here for a week before going on with Nick and family to iItaly. Harlan is so mature and Eli so grown-up; but can still tempt them with ice-cream lol Love to Chris and pups xx

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