Arctic circle

Day 8 … Another lovely day, getting a bit cooler but still about 14-16 degrees. Cloudier today with a teeny rain shower as I write.

Had another walk along the lake then set off north again. Getting used to the largely empty roads. Probably saw more motorhomes than any other vehicle.

Passed through a small town and spotted a Coop shop with a systembolaget sign (alcohol). Stopped off and went into the Coop for 🍷wine and 🍺beers. Was then directed to some stairs for said provisions. It was so funny. Down the stairs then along a corridor into the alcohol shop. Felt like I was going to an illegal drug den. I found what I wanted (organic wine was a good price), then I furtively paid and scarpered. Was such a laugh 😂

En route saw quite a few more reindeer, Whoopie was a great look-out. Now she only has to spot the other wild species… moose, elk, brown bear, lynx, beaver, otter, arctic fox, grey wolf, great white owl, capercaillie. Not a lot to ask for.

Had been advised to go and visit Storforsen, near Vidsel, the largest rapids in Europe. Wasn’t sure what to expect really. They were in a large national park with loads of walkways, all free. The rapids are fed by melt water from Sweden’s largest glacier and this is the best time to visit (apparently however they freeze over winter so that must be fab too). We heard them quite a while before we saw them. Soooo loud. Spectacular. The water was clear, incredibly fast and a very pale shade of minty green.There was even a rather beautiful spider to give me the willies. Lol.

Delpy found something really interesting too and decided to eat one, as you do.

Probably reindeer poo? But I’m no expert.

About 60 ish miles along the road we spotted the Arctic Circle sign, I had been nattering on about it for about 100 miles or so. Afraid I would miss it!

Can’t believe how exciting it was. Felt a bit bizarre and unreal to be honest.

We could have stopped there overnight but it was a bit busy with motorhomes and not really that nice. We carried on a few miles through the town of Jokkmokk, the sort of centre of the lands of the indigenous Sami people, and on a couple more miles finding the Rastplats Laponia near the National Park visitors centre, again by a lake. Much nicer, so we decided to stop there for the night and have a celebratory glass (now we are in the arctic circle) of a special zinfandel that Chris had ordered from California (6 for Christmas). We have another bottle which is in with Bob and Ruby to give them a good send off in a few days time.

Windy so no mozzies 😉


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