Valkommen till Lappland

Day 7 … Set off North again up the Baltic coast which we have followed since Stockholm. Had intended to keep going up the E4 but I started to think we had better sort out a Vet visit for the doggies. Norway have similar rules to the UK regarding taking dogs in. They have to see a vet between 1 & 5 days before entering the country. The only difference being the tablets. Here they have to have meds for fox tapeworm, the UK requires a broad spectrum wormer.

It look me a couple of hours on the internet to sort one out. Some I couldn’t understand. Some had an answering service that I didn’t understand either. Some didn’t answer. One was too expensive, about £65 per dog plus the cost of the meds. Couldn’t book ahead because we are on ‘gypsy schedule’ (hope you don’t mind me using your phrase Iain!!) and didn’t really know our onward route or timings. Finally found one a little inland in Solleftea at about £23 per dog plus the tablets. They were a really nice bunch. Done. Good.

So we were away from the coast and already not that far from the Norwegian border. Pointless backtracking so decided to head north and slightly west from there. Good decision! Headed along very quiet but good roads, just the odd car and lumber lorry. Trees everywhere and I mean everywhere, as far as the eye could see. Rolling hills. Stunning lakes. Saw a big ski jump complex, those jumps are huge.

Then, in the middle of nowhere, we passed a sign informing us we were now entering Swedish Lappland. Wow.

A little further down the road we saw our first wild reindeer, 3 of them. Another wow.

Then before the town of Vilhelmina we turned down a rough track which took us down to Badviken and Lake Volgsjon. Idyllic. Beautiful clean clear water and beaches. Soooo totally silent, not sure that I have ever been anywhere so still and quiet. The only sound the occasional cuckoo.

A totally stunning place to spend the night. The mosquitos were a bit of a pain but I have just been out with the dogs and they have now gone. It was a warm sunny day today, about 18 degrees, but it’s now quite cold out there, even though very light. Too cold for mozzies maybe? Can tell we are getting further north.

Taken at 20 mins past midnight.

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