Baltic blue twilight

Day 6 … Sitting here in the Bunnybus at getting on for midnight and the sun is just setting. Not land of the midnight sun yet but I feel it getting closer.

Had a later, lazy start this morning. Chucked it down most of the night but awoke to a glorious sunny warm morning.

Took a little free ferry over the water and headed for Stockholm.

From what we saw of it Stockholm looks stunning. Definitely worth a proper visit next time. So many lakes and waterways. 30% of the city is water and 30% parks and green spaces. Apparently it’s known as the Venice of the North and is one of the cleanest cities in the world. Always had a thing for Norse mythology so no wonder I am loving Scandanavia.

Had a visit to Lidl’s, pricey but not too bad but no wine! Apparently it’s only sold in state controlled liquor shops.

Drive 361 miles yesterday so did less today, only 188. Stopped for a little break too at one of the many clean manicured picnic areas, often by a lake and mostly in the trees, hard not to be round here. Lol!

There are free areas to stay overnight but they seem to be either near the motorway/ main roads, or full by mid pm (that’s on this main route near Stockholm anyway) so we don’t mind paying a bit. Found a little marina on the Baltic to overnight (Sandarne Bortklubb).

This one was about £14 for the night. Nice facilities so did some boring but necessary clothes washing.

Mozzies though. Ugh. Not that they seem to bother me much when Chris is around. I must point out to him that he shouldn’t complain. He likes to think he is still a bit of a babe magnet, unfortunately the females he seems to be attracting round here are not of the human variety. Bless.

No Game of Thrones tonight. Just bed.


3 thoughts on “Baltic blue twilight

  1. Happy to hear the weather turned good; and what are you doing with such long light nights?! Beside feeding the local mozzy ladies lol. Canada has that thing about alcohol too…

    Anthony got a book today called “Target Tirpitz”, by Patrick Bishop (HarperPress 2012), and I reproduce the vital paragraphs here:
    “The dramas of the morning were not over. At 08.43 a third submarine was spotted, beyond the torpedo net, 600 metres away on the far side of the fjord. Fifty-six hours after she was last sighted, in the minefield at the start of the voyage. X-5 had reappeared. The guns opened up again. The ship’s log noted laconically that the intruder was ‘hit in several places. Probably sinking.’ John Lorimer was standing under guard on the quarterdeck when its periscope showed above the ‘millpond’ calm of the fjord. He saw it take a ‘direct hit with a 4-inch shell’. He was in no doubt that he had witnessed the end of the ‘Henry-Creer’. It was the end, too, of Sub-Lieutenant Tom Nelson and [able seaman] Alastair Malcolm and Ralph Mortiboys, the ERA who had missed the eve-of-operations party at Loch Cairnbawn to write a last letter to his mother. His premonition had proved correct.” (p.266)
    There is a photograph of the explosion in the waters of the fjord.
    And to show how significant this operation was and how they all should have been given the Victoria Cross:
    “In Churchill’s eyes, though, a partial success was better than none. Tirpitz had been hurt more grievously by Operation Source than by any previous attempt against her. This was, he wrote, ‘an agreeable new fact’ in his calculations as to how best to pursue the war in northern waters.” (p.272)


    • lol!!
      We didn’t eat till 10 last night, didn’t realise how late it was. Guess it’ll get weirder?!
      Thanks for that re the X5


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