I have a dream. ABBA

Day 5 … We have arrived at our next overnight stop. Just south of Stockholm on the east coast (Skansholmen Stugor. Morso) About 360 miles driven today.

I doubt I’ll be able to persuade Chris to visit the ABBA museum though unfortunately.

Sweden up to now has been lovely. The motorways have been great and the surrounding landscape becoming prettier. All so clean and well ordered. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many trees, or so many Volvos either for that matter.

We stopped off for lunch beside Lake Vattern (Rottle Hamn. Granna). Very nice spot with walks through woods and down to the lake. Could have stayed there overnight but it was a bit early and we wanted to press on.

Whoopie had her first encounter with an electric fence, don’t think she will want to repeat that in a hurry. Bless her.

Met our first Brits, from Nottingham. They said they hadn’t seen any Brits themselves for months while touring around Norway and Sweden. Also said the weather had been amazing so we are keeping our fingers crossed. Having said that, it’s raining now as I write, but still warm.

Off to rewatch the first series of Game of Thrones. Brill the second time around too.


4 thoughts on “I have a dream. ABBA

  1. Well done must have a great motor in the bunny bus. I have never been to Norway Sweden or Denmark. There are a few of them here in Oz. We are in winter now and fortunately at last had some decent rain.BUT none inland where our food grows there are several areas of drought in NSW and Queensland.Keep driving enjoy every moment Hugs Helen


  2. this is fascinating, to be following this garnd journey, and see these lands thru your eyes and pix xx and how lovely to watch tv of your choice, even! Poor Clover and the fence; Yamanja had 2 encounters and each time it was like she was being flayed alive and she wouldn’t go for walks in the area for the following year or so..


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