Made it to Sweden!

The plan was to get to Sweden in 4 days and we made it by midday on the 4th day. Love it when a plan comes together.

Day 3 … Yesterday we set off from Osnabruck to get up to Puttgarden in the far north of Germany. 250 miles or so on good German motorways or so we thought! Got stuck in roadworks for an hour and a half passing Hamburg. Ah well, should be used to that!!

When we got up to the ferry port we checked out the car park, motorhomes can overnight there for about €13. Not impressed so drove along the road for a couple of miles and found a small park by the sea (Gruner Brink) €9 for the night and so much nicer. Dogs not allowed on the beach unfortunately but had a lovely walk just the same. A beautiful evening.

Day 4 … Arrived at the ferry to Rødbyhavn in plenty of time and got straight on to an earlier boat. 45 minutes crossing and typically efficient as expected from the Germans and Danes.

We then drove up Denmark to Copenhagen, about 100 miles. Then over the Oresund Bridge which is actually a long tunnel (2.5 miles) artificial island then a stunning long bridge (5 miles) into Sweden. Yes it was expensive, but fab. (not my photo!)

Anyone thinking of using this bridge and driving a motorhome over 6m, get a bropass. It’s a permit lasting for the year, costs about £36 and gives you half price crossings. Pays for itself in just one trip.

As we drove over we could see Malmo on our left. I had heard it was worth visiting so we went down to the coastal area and found a really nice spot. The weather was gorgeous, 29 degrees, and the car park was cheap (Badplatsparkeringen 24hrs for just over £10, payable by credit card). Right by the sea and reasonably quiet. We decided to give ourselves a break and just stop.

the ‘Twisting Torso’

House boats (want one)

Malmo is lovely. Clean. Lots of green areas. Plenty places to swim. Has a nice relaxing vibe.

We found a dog friendly section of beach so Delpy and Whoopie, and me too, had some fun washing the ‘travel dust’ off.

Strangest thing.. the water was warm. Not at all what I expected.

Went out for burger and chips with a lager. Came to about £45! I guess it’ll just get more expensive the further North we go. Beans on toast every night from now on. Lol

1,090 miles Whitley Bay to Malmo.


4 thoughts on “Made it to Sweden!

  1. Excellent. Very appreciated. Good to be able to keep in touch. Much love to all 4 of you. Julia

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  2. oo hi you are far gone! I was just watching catch-up tv ‘The Bridge” which is now real to you; did make me think of you and wonder if you would say hi to Saga and when you get to Malmo say hi to Wallander tak lol .. Lovely to read about your great progress and experience and see from the pix it is all true and not another moon landing haha. Keep on bon voyage-ing xxxx


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