England to Deutschland

Days 1 and 2 have been full on driving.

Eventually left home about 10. Called in on Chris brother Ralph and his wife Carolyn near York for a break, a lovely lunch and a photo opportunity

Then south.

Was going fab till the M25 when there was a 3 hour delay for barrier repairs 😕 . But we amused ourselves watching speeding cars on the other carriageway getting flashed. It was constant! We played the game of guess which one is going to get caught next. Schadenfreude😁

Got to our pub stop over (The Black Horse at Monks Horton 6 miles from the channel tunnel) an hour late for food service but the Italian lady who owned it still made us the most fabulous Italian meal

Then off to bed totally goosed.

Up at 5.30 for the tunnel train

With a very alert copilot!

Off through France at 17 degrees into Belgium then the Netherlands at 34 degrees!! Then into Germany where it poured with rain for a couple of hours.

Only 2 small hiccups… The WiFi didn’t want to work, now fixed👍, and at the same time the fridge started a really annoying intermittent beeping. Thanks to google we found it was condensation on the lead to the light switch, who would have guessed that? Nothing in the manual. Fixed now too. Phew😉

We are currently sitting in a lovely motorhome site near Osnabruck (Regenbogen Tecklenburg. Leeden) having just had a Bunnybus prepared meal, a couple of glasses of wine and a tick hunt on both dogs 😳 (found 3 up to now. Ugh). It’s hot, dry and still about 24 degrees at 9 pm.


We have made good time (800 miles up to now) and are on track to get to Sweden hopefully in 2 days. 🤞. It’s about 240 miles to Puttgarden for the ferry then the eyewateringly expensive Oresund Bridge ( €100 one way for a motorhome our length) Will never again moan about the Tyne tunnel at £1.70. Lol

Night night all. Mind the bugs/ticks don’t bite. 😲


6 thoughts on “England to Deutschland

  1. Hope you have your Avon skin so soft for the mozzys we always go lubeck to Trelleborg on the Ferry cheaper option Rostock , most of the norwegens travel through sweden its cheaper then up north to the midnight sun, I live in Arvidsjaur tips to see Storforsen near Vidsel and the tree hotel at Harards . Drive safe best wishes Linda


    • Thanks Linda
      We have skin so soft and about half a chemists shop of other stuff. Lol
      Yes we are going up through Sweden and thanks for your tips x we are doing this ferry as we also want to go over the Oresund.


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