Norway … Off on our pilgrimage soon

The preparations are just about done. Hopefully!

This is likely to be an emotional, tiring, exciting adventure (time frame 1 month) but with a very important goal…. to take both Chris parents ashes to be scattered in Kafjord on the northern coast of Norway. They passed in March, only 4 days apart, at age 92 after almost 70 years of marriage. His Mum, Ruby, lost her beloved brother Tom in WW2 when he died in X5, a midget submarine, which was involved in an attack on the Tirpitz. Her only, lifelong, wish was that her ashes would be scattered with him when she died. It’s only right and proper that her husband Bob also makes this final journey with her.

Only 43 hours driving?? Really!!

On this adventure Chris and I will be accompanied by our 2 doggies. Delpy our labrador and Whoopie-do (don’t ask 😁) our little working cocker spaniel. We will all be travelling in our Bunnybus (our motorhome (so named because it transports our 2 doggies off on their holidays to new rabbit hunting areas). Also hence the name of this new blog.


the Bunnybus at the base of Ben Nevis


Doggies loving their Bunnybus holidays

Spare wheel installed under the Bunnybus, thanks to Chris. Hope we don’t need it!


Back box fitted. Maybe better than any back box has been fitted before?

Nylon brackets machined by CNC machine. How can you tell Chris is an engineer?

Cracked front heki sunroof replaced after being clattered by height restriction signs in Rouen last year. What an embarrassing British thing to do?🤔

Inside getting a bit of spit and polish as will the exterior.

And… most importantly… sorting out which crochet projects I should take along.

Decisions?? Ermmm. Take both.

Only 1 week to go………..